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What is VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure connection between the users computer and a server, the server then links to the internet. Whilst using a VPN any traffic (web activity) will be seen coming from the secure server and not from the users device. This means potential snoopers hackers, government agencies, ISP?s (Internet Service Providers) will not be able to see or log your web activity.

How does a VPN Work?

A VPN is essentially an ?encrypted tunnel? between your devices and the internet. Most VPN services offer an App or Software to download, this makes the connection process quick and simple. Once downloaded and installed you simply open the App and connect to a VPN server. Once connected hackers, government agencies, ISP?s or anyone else attempting to hack your devices will not be able to see or log any of your web activity. As well as keeping your browsing history private, this also helps keep your usernames, passwords, credit card information and any other information completely secure! As well as this websites that log your IP address, physical location, web browser etc will no longer be able to, the website will simply ?see? the VPN server your connect to and not you!

Without a VPN

What is VPN 1

With a VPN

What is VPN 2

Can I not just use the ?Private? or ?Incognito? setting on my web browser?

Short answer; No. Using a web browser in private mode simply means the browser doesn?t keep logs of your web activity on your computer. This does not stop your ISP from logged your activity or other snoopers. It also doesn?t stop websites from logged your information.

How about free a VPN?

The trouble is nothing is really free. VPN services cost money to run. So how do they recoup this cost? Often they?ll show you annoying adverts, or worse log all of your activity and data! There have also been cases of free VPNs installing malware on computers and mobile devices. All of this data is then sold on the black market to the highest bidder – totally defeating the point of a VPN!

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