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Over 800 fast, reliable servers. Strict no-logs policy. Works for unlocking US Netflix, supports P2P. Unlimited devices! Best value for money! Prices from $1.99 (?1.59) per month.



  • Surfshark Review

    Surfshark is a relatively new VPN provider. The company operates away from the ?14 prying eyes?. Surfshark Ltd is operated from the British Virgin Islands, which is well known for not having any data retention laws. This is big plus, as it means Surfshark have no legal necessity to keep logs on their users.

    Surfshark although new to the game in comparison to some other VPN providers, still offer the latest in terms of security. Surfshark use the industry-leading AES-256 bit encryption. This is widely considered to be the strongest and most secure type of data encryption.

    A nice feature of Surfshark they make it very easy to get setup, simply download their app for your device login, then simply click connect. Should you get stuck, Surfshark offer a live chat feature found on the help section of their website.

    • Privacy & Security 100% 100%
    • Speed 90% 90%
    • Features 100% 100%
    • Support 95% 95%
    • Pricing 100% 100%

    Privacy & Security

    • 5.0

    Logging Policy? – Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Island, this country doesn?t require any logging of its citizens online browsing habits or any other internet based activity. This is how Surfshark is legally allowed to implement its strict no logs policy!

    Security; IP DNS leaks – One of issues whilst using a VPN is what is referred to as a DNS leak. Should this happen your ISP, DNS operator or other unwanted third parties may be able to see what websites you have been visiting. Surfshark offer Private DNS and leak protection in order to make sure this doesn’t happen whilst using their VPN.

    In terms of security Surfshark stand up very well against the competition, using the industries standard AES 256-bit encryption. IKEv2 is the standard protocol Surfshark use, other protocols are available such as OpenVPN.

    Surfshark Review 2

    Surfshark passed our IP and DNS leak detection tests.


    • 4.5

    Connection to a Surfshark VPN server is almost instant, so theres virtually no waiting in order to browse securely! We tested apps on Windows, Mac and Surfsharks browser extensions all of which gave brilliant results!

    Whilst using a VPN you will normally experience a slight loss to your normal internet speed. This is simply due to how VPNs work and how your essentially going through another ?layer? in order to access the wanted content – (its this extra layer that gives you the extra security) With this said we were impressed with the speed results we got from using various VPN servers that Surfshark offer.

    We have conducted our speed tests using a 100Mbps connection – we weren?t disappointed with Surfsharks offerings! To conduct a fair speed test we first set a baseline by preforming a speed test without being connected to a VPN server. Our baseline speed was 110Mbps download and 6.24Mbps download.

    Initially we connected to one of Surfsharks UK servers. Amazingly we saw little to no loss in our speed. Real world usage it wouldn?t be noticeable. Our speed; 102Mbps download, 6.03Mbps upload.

    Whilst we tested many server locations across the globe and got good results we wanted to test a US based server. This is due to the high demand for VPNs to not only ?unlock? US Netflix but also stream it without issue! (The US on average receive 12% more content than the UK.) We connected to one of Surfsharks many US servers and were not disappointed! Many of the US servers produced speeds of more than 50Mbps! Some were even quicker; one server produced; 93.3Mbps download and 5.88Mbps upload.

    Surfshark Review 3
    Surfshark Review 4
    Surfshark Review 5

    We didn?t see any signification speed loss whilst using Surfshark VPN.


    • 5.0

    Netflix -?Its a well known fact that Netflix restrict content on their TV streaming service, this is due to licensing issues, which can be frustrating. We connected to multiple US servers and European servers and tested Netflix with various VPN servers from Surfshark. Please to announce we did not come across any issues. A few US servers seemed a bit slow at times, however still streamed and allowed us access.

    Torrents (P2P) -?Another benefit of Surfshark is that they allow torrenting and P2P traffic, whilst some VPN providers either ban it all together, some will artificially slow your connection down whilst torrenting. Surfshark don?t! With surfshark there are no bandwidth limits or traffic blocking.

    Apps -?Surfshark offer very easy to use, feature-rich applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. Although the applications are incredibly quick to setup and easy to use they offer some nice features.
    Kill Switch From within the app you can set an automatic kill switch – this means should the VPN server your connected to ever goes offline it will prevent you from accessing the internet completely, so you will never unintentionally surf the internet without VPN protection.
    MultiHop you can connect to multiple countries at once, this means instead of routing your connection through just one VPN server you can easily route it through two – twice the protection!
    CleanWeb another nice feature within the app, you can easily toggle on or off is CleanWeb which as Surfshark put it ?Block annoying ads and trackers to save notable amount of network data?. We?ve tested this by visiting some websites known to produce annoying pop-ups or pop-under and it works! The popup action still happens but Surfshark blocks the unwanted content from loading!

    Servers -?Surfshark offer over 800 servers in various countries across the world. All of these servers and encrypted end to end using the latest form of encryption. AES-256 is the industry standard, so you?ll always be secure whilst connected to Surfshark!


    • 5.0

    Surfshark offer a wide range of support which is reached via their website. The knowledge base on Surfsharks website is extensive and should answer most common questions. However they do offer support via email and a live chat function under the help section of their website.

    Pricing and Payment Methods

    • 5.0

    Surfshark is definitely good value for money – its by far the most affordable VPN with good security, privacy and feature-rich apps we have reviewed!

    Surfshark offer 3 levels of subscriptions. The longer the subscription plan you take out, the more you save!

    We recommend: Taking out the 24 month plan to save 83%! As the plan is still refundable for up to 30 Days!

    Surfshark offer a very wide range of payment options. They accept most Credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto currencies and more options!

    What we do like

    • Best value for money!
    • Unlimited devices
    • Strict no logs policy
    • Feature-rich apps
    • Secure Servers

    What we don’t like

    • No free trial period

    • Some servers can be slow

    Surfshark Review Overview

  • Save 83% – From $1.99/pm (?1.59)