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VPN Review 2019

Fast, reliable and secure network! Strict no-logs policy. Up to 6 Devices, over 5,000 servers. Works well with Netflix and torrents. Prices from $2.99 (£2.29) per month.



  • NordVPN Review

    NordVPN was first established in 2012, the company is owned by Tefincom co S.A which operates from Panama. Panama is considered to be a ‘safe’ jurisdiction since they have no data retention laws, this means NordVPN can offer a ‘no logs’ policy. NordVPN’s large network of over 5,000 servers uses the latest security standards. NordVPN uses, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2PT protocol’s and the industries standard AES 256-bit encryption. This makes using their network incredibly safe.

    NordVPN makes it easy to get started using their VPN service, from having a wide range of apps available to quality support ranging from Live Chat to a huge online knowledge base. This makes it possible to get protected within minutes, even for a novice!

    • Privacy & Security 100% 100%
    • Speed 100% 100%
    • Features 100% 100%
    • Support 95% 95%
    • Pricing 95% 95%

    Privacy & Security

    • 5.0

    No logging – Whilst it’s well known some VPN providers do in fact keep logs on their users – especially ‘free VPN’s’. NordVPN has a strict no logging policy, this is achieved by NordVPN being based in Panama, a country with does not have any laws requiring them to keep reports or to store data on their users. According to their privacy policy “NordVPN is empowered to deny and third party requests. Period.”

    Security, no IP or DNS leaks – One of the most important security issues is having your real IP or DNS leaking whilst connected to a VPN. NordVPN has built in measures to make sure this never happens whilst using their services. We put this to the test and found that neither our real IP or DNS leaked whilst connected to various servers.

    NordVPN Review 2

    NordVPN passed various IP and DNS leak detection tests.


    • 5.0

    Whilst connected to any VPN provider you can expect a negative impact on your connection speed. This happens by the very nature of how a VPN works. In simple terms, the more ‘tunnels’ between you and the internet, the slower the connection (although these ‘tunnels’ do increase security.) Plus, your fastest or ‘top’ speed will only ever be as fast as the slowest element within the connection. In other words, if you pay your ISP for a 20Mbps connection, your fastest connection will only ever be up to 20Mbps – even though we’ve found servers on NordVPNs that offer speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

    We were very surprised to find that NordVPNs selection of servers offers fantastic speed! Now in order to conclude how much speed we were losing whilst connected to their VPNs we first conducted a speed test of our own connection without a VPN. Our baseline speed was 110Mbps download and 6.11Mbps upload.

    We then connected to one of their UK servers. Our speed; 103Mbps Download, 5.77 Mbps Upload. We saw very little speed lost within our tests of various UK servers!

    Now, we connected to a US server. We were expecting more of a loss, simply because the physically further away the server the slower the speed… well generally. Our speed was, Download 101Mbps and Upload 5.48Mbps.

    NordVPN Review 3
    NordVPN Review 4
    NordVPN Review 5

    We didn’t see any significant loss of speed whilst connected to either UK or US Servers


    • 5.0

    Netflix – If your based outside of the US you may want to use a VPN in order to access more shows and movies on Netflix. We are pleased to say NordVPN does indeed ‘unlock’ US Netflix. Depending on the US server your connected to you can stream Netflix with ease! We found several servers which were so fast you wouldn’t know you were going through a VPN, there were not any connection issues or buffering. 

    Torrents (P2P) – Whilst some VPN providers discourage users from using P2P networks or torrent websites. NordVPN go out of their way to make sure you can use these sites safely and securely. Within their applications they have configured a list of servers that have been optimised for P2P and torrent usage.

    Apps – One of the main advantages of NordVPN is their wide range of applications. Making it quick and simple to connect. They have apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux. Plus browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox.

    Servers – NordVPN have a well established range of servers. They have over 500 in the UK, and over 1,400 in the US. In total they have around 5,000 super fast servers around the world! 


    • 4.5

    If at any point you need help with NordVPNs services they have multiple options. Of course you can always email them. However like a lot of providers they now offer a Live Chat feature on their website which is available 24/7. Along with this they also have a very well established knowledgeable. 

    Pricing and Payment Methods

    • 4.5

    So how much does NordVPN cost? We think considering the level of service you get, NordVPNs subscription cost really does offer value for money! 

    You can choose from one of 4 subscription offers – as with most providers the longer the subscription the bigger the savings! 

    NOTE: Its worth taking out the 3-year plan to save 75%! Plus the plan is still fully refundable for up to 45 Days!

    NordVPN offer a wide range of payment options. They accept most Credits Cards, Amazon Pay, Crypto Currencies and more options

    What we do like

    • Over 5,000 Fast and Secure Servers

    • Works for Netflix & P2P

    • Strict No logs policy

    • Double Data Encryption

    • Good Value for money

    What we don’t like

    • Biggest savings only on 3 yr plan

    • Don’t accept PayPal

    NordVPN Review Overview

  • Save 75% – From $2.99/pm