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Ultra-fast servers in 94 countries. Easy to use apps. Strict no-logs policy. Over 3,000 servers. Works for unlocking US Netflix and supports P2P. Prices from $8.32 per month.



  • ExpressVPN Review

    ExpressVPN is a long established VPN provider since 2009. The company operates from the British Virgin Islands and is officially ran by Express VPN International Ltd. The country from which a VPN operates is an important factor. The British Virgin Islands is considered to be a safe jurisdiction due to the fact that the country has no data retention laws, this is a big plus for ExpressVPN.?

    ExpressVPN has a large network of over 3,000 servers to choose from. These servers are very secure and use advanced encryption methods. ExpressVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption, considered to be the industries strongest method of encryption.?

    Its incredibly simply to start using ExpressVPN?s services, even for the first timer! ExpressVPN have many easy to use apps available for most platforms. As well as this ExpressVPN have an extensive range of troubleshooting guides plus Live Chat. You?ll be setup within minutes!

    • Privacy & Security 100% 100%
    • Speed 95% 95%
    • Features 100% 100%
    • Support 95% 95%
    • Pricing 95% 95%

    Privacy & Security

    • 5.0

    Logging Policy – It has been reported in recent times of VPN providers keeping activity logs on their users browsing habits. Whilst ?Free VPN?s? often log users data in order to resell for profit you wouldn?t expect a paid for service to do this! However VPN companies based in European countries and the US (among others) are strictly bound to the law. This is where ExpressVPN have an advantage over some VPN providers. Since they operate from the British Virgin Islands they do not legally have to keep logs on their users – so they don?t!

    Security; IP DNS leaks -? Whilst using a VPN it is important to make sure you are not at risk of a DNS or IP leak. If your DNS leaks, unwanted parties (ISP, DNS server operator) may be able to tell what websites you are visiting. ExpressVPN prevents DNS leaks, as once the user is connected to their servers, you will only use ExpressVPNs DNS?s which are encrypted end to end.

    ExpressVPN Review 2

    ExpressVPN passed various IP and DNS leak detection tests.


    • 4.5

    When you connect to a VPN server it is normal to expect negative impact on your internet speed. This happens simply because the more ?tunnels? between your connection and the content your trying to reach, the slower the connection. The added layer or ?tunnel? whilst using a VPN does add a valuable layer of security but may slow your connection. It is also worth mentioning that you will only get the ?top? speed of what your ISP provide to you. For instance if your paying for a 50Mbps connection you will only ever get up to 50mb whilst using a VPN.?

    We have conducted speed tests using a 100Mbps connection, we were ultimately happy to find that ExpressVPN offer fast servers! In order to figure out how much speed we lost whilst using ExpressVPN we needed to have a baseline. We ran a speed test without being connected to a VPN server. Our baseline speed was 110Mbps download and 6.07Mbps download.

    Firstly we connected to one of their UK servers. We are happy to say we lost very little speed, it was ultimately not noticeable. Our speed; 101Mbps download, 5.55Mbps upload.

    Many people use a VPN in order to unblock US Netflix (they get about 12% more content than the UK). So can we stream HD content whilst connected to a US based server? Initially the first US server we connected to gave us 50Mbps, which is more than enough to stream HD content. However jumping around their US servers we found that some gave even better speeds. One of their servers gave us; 98.1Mbps download and 5.52Mbps upload.

    ExpressVPN Review 3
    ExpressVPN Review 4
    ExpressVPN Review 5

    Whilst connected to ExpressVPN?s servers we did not see a significant loss of speed.


    • 5.0

    Netflix -?Due to licensing issues, Netflix offer different content to their users, depending on which country they are from. In order to gain more content on Netflix simply use a VPN. We are based in the UK and get around 12% less content than those across the pound. However we did manage to find several US servers on ExpressVPN that ?unlocked? this extra US content! We didn?t encounter any issues with streaming HD content either. No buffering or streaming issues. We did find a few servers that were blocked by Netflix (They don?t like people using VPNs and block some servers). Simply re-connect and try a different server.?

    Torrents (P2P) -?Another advantage of ExpressVPN is their take on the use of Torrents or P2P. Some VPNs discourage or completely disallow their users from using such networks. However ExpressVPN are happy for their users to use torrents and even have extensive walkthroughs on how to use their VPN services whilst using torrenting apps.

    Apps -?Like a lot of other VPN providers ExpressVPN have a very wide range of apps. This makes it incredibly easy to get started using their services. Simply login to your account on their website, select your device type, download the app, then login.

    Servers -?ExpressVPN have a vast amount of servers across 94 different countries, this makes accessing ?geo-blocked? content very easy! All of their servers use end to end AES-256bit connections making it very safe and secure!


    • 5.0

    Although it is very simple to signup to ExpressVPN and start using their services you may at some point experience an issue with their services, or perhaps a payment question. Thankfully ExpressVPN have a large online knowledge base with answers to a lot of very common questions from technical to payment issues. They also offer a Live Chat feature on their website.

    Pricing and Payment Methods

    • 4.5

    ExpressVPN is not the cheapest of VPN providers but we do think its price is justified. The level of service and range of fast servers offers value for money.

    ExpressVPN offer 3 levels of subscriptions. The longer the subscription term, the more you save!

    NOTE: Its worth taking out the 12 month plan to save 35%! As the plan is still refundable for up to 30 Days!

    ExpressVPN offer a wide range of payment options. They accept most Credits Cards, Paypal, Crypto Currencies and more options.

    What we do like

    • Very secure severs
    • Works for Netflix and Torrents
    • Strict no logs policy!
    • Good support

    What we don’t like

    • Only 3 devices at anyone time.
    • No free trial period

    ExpressVPN Review Overview

  • Save 35% – From $8.32/pm